Managed Google Ad Campaigns

Using Today's Best Automation

  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Shopping Network

A Certified Google Ads consultant will manage your SEM campaign for a better ROI.

Competitor Analysis

We will analyze what your competitors are doing for their online marketing. We can pull their targeted keywords and text ads. For paid advertising, this is a crucial step before starting a campaign.

Custom Display Ads

Building a database of responsive and custom image ads is vital for a successful display network campaign. Responsive ads are more affordable and a good start. Custom image ads usually have a higher conversion rate which is important for SEM campaigns.

Keyword + Audience Targeting

Keyword targeting is a good start. However, your market research will include both keyword and audience targeting. This is imperative for display network campaigns.


A well executed remarketing campaign can greatly increase conversions for almost any business. We will help you build remarketing lists for display ads and remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA).

Monthly Reporting

For paid advertising, it’s crucial to track your analytics. We will email you monthly or bi-weekly Google Ads analytics reporting. We will also install conversion tracking for your Google Ads campaign to better monitor ROI.

Custom Ad Copy

We will work with you to create custom ad copy for your Google Ads campaign. From there, we will set up control group testing and rotate ad copy until we hit our goal click-through rates. Being creative with your ad copy can drastically increase CTR’s.

Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website Today!

Google Ads campaigns are great for obtaining relative traffic today.  Our certified Google Ads consultants will build and manage your SEM campaign to maximize conversions.  We recommend starting with a Google Search Network campaign. We will perform control group testing with custom ad copy until we hit our goal click-through-rates.  From there, building remarketing lists and display ads can greatly drive quality traffic to your website. Remarketing lists are crucial for following clients through the marketing funnel and greatly

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Long Beach CA

Google Adwords is a powerful tool to market your business online and it can give you much quicker results than a traditional SEO campaign. However, Adwords can be very costly if not built and managed correctly. The heart of any Google Adwords campaign lies in the Analytics. You must know how to interpret and react to the Analytics data to increase conversion rates. White Hat House understands a click or impression means nothing without conversions. Let our experienced Google Adwords Specialists build a campaign best suited for your business that will convert traffic into sales.


Local Business PPC works for small business and White Hat House can point your campaign in the right direction to see growth. It’s just a matter of studying your potential client’s search habits, knowing what to aim for, fine-tuning your pitch and to continually keep your ROI low.

Here’s some of the major reason the business owners that have worked with White Hat House prefer to run PPC campaigns alongside their traditional Organic SEO marketing.

Even though traditional SEO works great when done correctly, it’s hard to argue that PPC is the king of search engine visibility when it comes to quick results. Depending on the interest your local area has for your services, you can see conversions as quick as a few minutes of your PPC ads being approved.

PPC campaigns allow bolstering slower business periods with strategic search engine ads. White Hat House can help you find out when potential clients are looking for your services and how to find them before they find your competitors.

PPC with White Hat House gives you reliable analytics to gauge how your campaign is performing. With regular reports you’ll what keywords bring the best return on investment and gather a better understanding of your future client’s needs.

The beauty of PPC is that you only pay-per-click. So you’re online advertising to the people within your service area with an immediate interest in your business and your offered services.

As White Hat House researches and finds more information about your service area, White Hat House refines your campaign. As your campaign becomes more effective, so does your ROI.

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Not Just PPC...

SEO that Works

The SEO Specialists at White Hat House have been refining their approach to SEO for years. We know what works and we use proven techniques to gain high rankings on popular search engines.

Responsive Web Design

Web Design that is intuitive and reliable on any device. No matter, if it's a phone, a tablet or computer, your business, will look its best.

Fully Integrated

One of the greatest benefits of using joining White Hat House is that all your different online marketing channels are plugged into each other. Our staff works directly together on each business to make sure every element works well together and bolsters your online presence.