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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a necessity to expand your online marketing. Connecting your website allows us to access useful analytics to interpret your website's traffic. In the hands of White Hat House's Senior Search Consultants, these analytics will be used to devise a proactive marketing strategy.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console gives us further insight into how Google interprets the content of your website. It also gives us an automated platform to view crawl errors and rectify them in a timely manner. When crawl errors go unseen, they will suppress page rank until they are fixed.

Site Structure

Proper site structure is necessary to rank high on any of the major search engines. We will help you monitor your website’s speed and ensure it has proper site structure for Google crawls.

Google My Business

We will help you manage your Google My Business profile. This will free up your time, ensuring your profile is current with the frequent updates from Google. Managing your Google My Business correctly will also help with your indexing.

Meta Content

We will create you a meta-content build to be indexed for your target keywords in your target city. The meta-content will be updated as Google updates its algorithm and your keywords expand. The membership plan covers you for up to five pages of meta-content.


Not all backlinks are built the same. Building the right backlinks for your business is important and can help your page rank. We will manage and build local and industry-specific backlinks for your domain to ensure we hit our page rank goals.

Technical SEO Made Affordable
for Small Businesses

White Hat House is composed of web developers, search consultants and full stack marketers that have a passion for digital marketing.  Collectively, we have developed a marketing system that both meets the standards of technical SEO today and is also affordable for small businesses.  Our SEO service is best suited for the business owner that has decided to expand its online presence in a particular market. We protect our clients from major algorithm fluctuations by having a white hat approach to our SEO and taking no shortcuts.  This also allows every small business owner a platform to grow responsibly. We perform thorough analytics in every target market before creating and then executing a proactive marketing strategy. Search behavior is changing rapidly and we pride ourselves on having our ear to the ground to better serve our clients.

A Viable Approach To SEO

Our technical approach to SEO and web design works for any industry. However, we have a great deal of expertise in the following industries:



Marketing for plumbers is very competitive and plumbers often target multiple cities. This combined with the fact that the plumbing industry is highly scrutinized by Google, ensures plumbers greatly benefit from having a white hat approach to SEO. We will clean up your content and get your website indexed on the first page of the organic section of Google. If you have a physical address in a commercial area, we will also target the local map pack. We also want all of our plumbers to have the option to become a Google Guaranteed business.

Pet Sitters


Professional pet sitters often work from home and they also have to compete against directories like Rover and Sittercity. Professional pet sitters are also exactly who most people searching for pet sitters want to watch their pets. However, they often have difficulty finding the professional pet sitters that are nearby. We will ensure your target audience knows about your pet sitting service by placing your website in the organic section on the first page of Google. You will also have the option to target multiple cities.



Handyman Handyman almost always work from home and therefore, lack a physical commercial address that they can promote. This presents a specific issue that can be solved through white hat SEO. Having a website that has organized content and structure, combined with sufficient site speed can achieve first page rankings in the organic section of Google in almost any local market. People are also looking for Handyman differently nowadays. We will ensure that you are on the front of Google for the variations of services that you provide in relation to how your target audience is searching for them. 

Bus Tours


Whether you are a traditional charter bus, shuttle bus service or a Party Bus, we can help grow your business through multiple digital marketing channels. Market research is also very important to determine how your target audience is looking for your services. Your website also needs to be efficient so prospective clients can easily navigate through the content they need to make a decision and reach your booking form. Once on the front pages of Google for the tours and services that you provide, your website will funnel the leads into your booking form or phone calls.

Asphalt Paving


Asphalt paving is a competitive industry with many facets. We can help generate leads for commercial paving jobs like parking lot paving and road maintenance. This must be handled differently than the smaller driveway paving leads. Asphalt paving can also include many other services from seal coating, striping to curbing. The complexities and competitiveness from the asphalt paving industry benefit greatly from a technical approach to SEO. Most asphalt paving companies benefit from a strong organic presence on Google, coupled with a strong Google Ads campaign. 



There are many viable options when marketing a restaurant online. From installing reservation API’s to connecting to GrubHub or creating a custom menu for your restaurant. Your website should contain high-quality photos of your menu and mirror the concept of your restaurant. The restaurant industry is almost always competitive as well. We will place your website on the front pages of Google for the appropriate keywords and connect your restaurant to the available channels online. Then we will help you track, facilitate and convert your online traffic. 

Beauty Salon


Beauty salons greatly benefit from a white hat approach to SEO. Whether you own a beauty salon or rent space within a salon, we will help you build your brand and place your business where your prospective clients are looking. We can also help you be found for alternative trending keywords like blow dry bar, balayage and ombre hair. Even in smaller markets, our stylists that rent spaces within a salon find it advantageous to be placed on the front pages of Google alone.

General Contractors


General Contractors can be found for a wide variety of services. People search for home renovation services differently in almost every market. We found these searches often correlate with home renovation tv shows playing in your local area. Therefore, performing market research prior to building content is vital. In order to rank for a wide variety of keywords, you need to have organized content on your website with well-structured meta-content. Most general contractors also work from home or target a city outside of their physical address. We can help you build your content in an organized fashion to be indexed and rank on the first page of Google in your target location.  



Most caterers do not have a physical address to promote online. Therefore, having a technical approach to SEO and placing your website on page one of the organic section of Google can yield positive results. Caterers also need to have a website built around their food, displaying their menu with high-quality photos. Event catering can also obtain clients through many different channels. We will help you build and connect your digital platforms to better obtain these clients while placing your website on page one of Google. 



The locksmith industry is one heavily scrutinized by Google. Locksmiths need a white hat approach to SEO to clean up and distribute their content correctly to grow responsibly online. Locksmiths can also benefit from a well-managed Google Ads campaign. All locksmiths should also become a Google Guaranteed business. We strive for all of our locksmiths to become a Google Guaranteed business, in the Local Map Pack and organically on the first page of Google. 

Auto Repair


Auto repair can be competitive even in smaller markets. Therefore, most auto repair shops benefit from being placed high on the local map pack, the organic section and on Google Ads. We can help you achieve this and combine this placement with a website having well-organized content that displays all of your services that prospective clients can easily navigate. We will also send monthly reports with conversion tracking on your Google Ads to compare ROI. This provides a responsible platform to grow through digital marketing. 

Pest Inspection


Whether you work from home or have a physical address to promote, we can help you rank on page one of Google for all of the pests you exterminate. Pest Inspection also requires a well-organized website with many subpages to support all of your services correctly. We can help organize these pages and build content so your website ranks on page one of Google for all of the pests you may exterminate. Your website will then funnel your leads into a form fill or a phone call. We then send monthly reports so you may track your rankings and compare ROI. 

How it Works

Creating a membership at White Hat House is quick and simple.

1. Fill Out the
Membership Application

Fill out the membership application to validate your business information.

2. We Call
You Back

A search consultant from White Hat House will call you back within 24 hours to go over account details.

3. We Start

We immediately start the market research to refine your target audience and create your initial meta-content build.

What To Expect

Fill Out the Application Form

Talk to a White Hat House search consultant to discuss account details.

The initial market research is complete within the first week and your search consultant will call you back to finalize your initial target keywords and audience. We will then start to create your initial meta-content build.

The initial meta-content build will be complete and ready to be installed in your website. The analysis of your website’s structure and content, along with the health of your backlinks will also be complete. We will email you the results and begin building the necessary backlinks.

Now we are cooking! We will email your first monthly SERP Report and Traffic Channel Report. Your initial backlink build will be complete and your website will be connected to Google Analytics and the Google Search Console. We will then continue to monitor and update your content to be properly indexed by Google.

Most clients will start to see indexing for their initial target keywords around the third month. However, this is greatly dependent on how competitive your target city is and your initial page rank.

Now, you should expect to be indexed for the majority of your target keyword phrases and start to see healthy movement in page rank with even some first page rankings in the organic section of Google.

30% of your initial target keywords should be ranking on page one in the organic section of Google.

We expect our clients to be ranking on page one of Google for at least 50% of their initial target keywords. By this time, we should have a clear indication and feel that we are on the right track.

Membership Pricing



White Hat House

SEO Membership

$ 199 /MON (one city)

+$200 Setup Fee
  • A White Hat House Search Consultant will be assigned to you. They will manage your account, send your reports and answer any questions you may have.
  • Google Analytics management
  • Google Search Console management
  • Meta-content management (3 pages max)**
  • Google My Business management
  • Site Structure management
  • Backlink management
  • Monthly SERP Report
  • Monthly Traffic Channel Report

We need to research each market before we know what's needed to hit your goals. Fill out the form below and we will perform your market research and consultation at no charge.